“Steelheart” by Brandon Sanderson

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18 April

  Steelheart is set in a world where superpowers are real.  People with superpowers are known as Epics, and nobody’s quite sure how they were created.  Some people think that the Epics were a product of scientific experimentation.  Others think of them as magic.  Either way, their arrival coincided with a strange new light appearing in the sky. This world is inspired by comic books, but with one major difference.  The Epics are all villains. I know, better than anyone else, that there are no heroes coming to save us.  There are no good Epics.  None of them protect us. … Read more »

New Acquisitions: 4/15/14

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15 April
New Acquisitions: 4/15/14

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve added several new books to my collection. Review Copies: “I Am Livia” by Phyllis T. Smith – Historical fiction set in ancient Rome. “The Queen of the Tearling” by Erika Johansen – An exiled princess fights for her throne. Purchased: “The Dragonriders of Pern” by Anne McCaffrey – Anne McCaffrey was one of the first sci-fi writers that I ever read, and although the Pern books are her most famous, I still haven’t read them.  I stumbled across a volume with the first three books at a local used bookstore. “Ancillary Justice” by Ann… Read more »

“The Falconer” by Elizabeth May

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14 April

  The daughter of a marquess does not charge out of the ballroom.  The daughter of a marquess does not abandon her partner in the middle of a dance. The daughter of a marquess does not hunt faeries. -The Falconer, by Elizabeth May Lady Aileana Kameron is a teenager living in a steampunk version of Scotland in the 1840s.  On the night of her debut, Aileana watched as her mother was murdered by a faery.  Determined never to feel so helpless again, Aileana spends her nights hunting and killing the fae, hoping to one day have her revenge.  By day,… Read more »

“Master of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo” by Jeffe Kennedy

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12 April

  After much suspense, the conclusion to Jeffe Kennedy’s Master of the Opera serial is finally here!  For anyone who hasn’t been following the previous reviews, Master of the Opera is a serialized erotica novel that’s based on Phantom of the Opera.  You can see the review for Act 1 here.  This is going to be a very short review, because I don’t want to give away the ending. Crescendo starts off with Christine trying to come up with a plan to take down the Sanclaros, especially her jerkface fiance, and free the Master, a Native America god trapped beneath… Read more »

“The Kingdom of the Gods” by N.K. Jemisin

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10 April
“The Kingdom of the Gods” by N.K. Jemisin

  I recently participated in a readalong of The Kingdom of the Gods, book three in N.K. Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy.  To conclude most readalongs, I like to post a spoiler-free review for anyone who didn’t read along but is curious about the book. The first two books in The Inheritance Trilogy are narrated by mortals, but The Kingdom of the Gods gives us the chance to experience the world from the gods’ perspective.  Sieh is a godling and the first child of the Three.  He’s the god of childhood, and like most children, he can can be a selfish little… Read more »

“Blades of the Old Empire” by Anna Kashina

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07 April

  An ancient order of evil magicians called the Kaddim have risen from the ashes and threaten King Evan’s lands.  Only two people appear to be immune to their power:  Prince Kythar, and his bodyguard Kara.  Prince Kythar isn’t supposed to exist, because it’s forbidden for royals to have magical talent.  He should have been killed at birth, but King Evan had a soft heart.  His bodyguard Kara is an assassin in a guild called the Majat.  The Majat are superhumanly talented fighters, and the guild exerts total control over each of its members in order to keep them from… Read more »

March 2014: A Month in Review

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During March, I read/reviewed the following books: So, April reading plans… it really depends on when allergy season starts, to be honest.  During the past week or two, I’ve read less than usual because I’ve been busy spending time outside with friends.  It’s nice to get a chance to experience a couple weeks of misery-free spring. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

Leftover Turkey Soups

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05 April
Leftover Turkey Soups

  Since starting my new job I’ve been trying to make small changes in my lifestyle to be healthier (and hopefully lose a few pounds).  One of those changes is packing lunch instead of eating out.  These easy leftover turkey soups freeze well and are perfect for a cold winter day. Remember kids, you should use all the parts of the buffalo!  Generally when I or someone in my family makes a turkey/chicken/duck/goose/otherwise festive fowl, I divide the leftover meat and bones into quart-sized freezer bags and then use them to make soup over the next few months. Turkey and… Read more »

Words of Radiance Groupread, Week 1

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03 April
Words of Radiance Groupread, Week 1

This post is a couple days late because I’ve been out enjoying the weather.  Generally during the spring I don’t get to spend any time outdoors because of extreme allergies, but this year the extreme weather seems to have delayed the worst of the pollen.  It’s so nice to be able to frolic in the sunshine!     For those of you just joining in, here’s the schedule.  Let me know if you want to get on the list to receive the questions via e-mail.  This week’s questions were written by Musings on Fantasia. Week 1 – April 2nd –… Read more »