Red Seas Under Red Skies Readalong, Part III

Hey all!  Welcome to week three of the Red Seas Under Red Skies readalong, which is hosted by Andrea over at The Little Red Reviewer. The adorable picture at the left is “Locke Lamora goes cat-shopping” by missqueenmob.  I wonder if Locke’s luck would have been any different if he wouldn’t have forgotten them. ThisRead more

Red Seas Under Red Skies Readalong, Part II

Welcome to the second week of the Red Seas Under Red Skies readalong hosted by The Little Red Reviewer. The RSURS fan art to the left is Locke Lamora – colour by tenleftthumbs.  It seemed particularly fitting for this week’s section of the book. It might take me a couple days to get around toRead more

Mistborn Groupread, Part I

Welcome to the first week of the “Mistborn:  The Final Empire” groupread.  I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time!  Last summer we tackled “The Way of Kings,” and I’ve been wanting to read more of Sanderson’s writing ever since. This week’s reading covers the prologue through chapter six.  Next week we’ll coverRead more

Lies of Locke Lamora Readalong, Part IV

This week’s reading was intense! To the left is another excellent piece of Locke Lamora fan art–“Falselight” by Shoughad. Many thanks to Andrea and company for hosting this.  A list of other participating blogs and discussions can be found at The Little Red Reviewer. The following questions/discussion will contain spoilers. 1.      In theRead more

Lies of Locke Lamora Readalong, Part III

I’m posting this week’s Locke Lamora answers a bit late, which is sad because this section is so good!  I’ve been sick for the past few days and have been trying to play catch-up on schoolwork. Continuing with the Locke Lamora fanart, to the left we see “Lukas Fehrwight” by TolmanCotton. ***Spoilers to follow*** 1.Read more

Fragile Things Groupread, Part 8

This week concludes the groupread of Neil Gaiman’s collection of short stories entitled “Fragile Things,” hosted by Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings as a part of the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge. The image to the left is the cover from the Hungarian version of the book.  I thought it was interesting to see the variousRead more

Way of Kings Readalong, Pt. I

Welcome to Part 1 of the Way of Kings groupread!  I’ve decided to feature a different piece of Stormlight Archive fan art in each of my posts for the readalong, because it’s neat to see how different readers imagine the events. This week’s questions were written by Deanna from Polishing Mud Balls.  My boyfriend willRead more

The Way of Kings Readalong

During the past month, I participated in a readalong of Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” that I enjoyed tremendously.  It was awesome to be able to have so many interesting conversations with other bloggers about the novel as I read.  Because of this, I decided to participate in another readalong beginning August 1. The readalong pageRead more