“Nomads of Gor” by John Norman

In Nomads of Gor, the red-headed Tarl Cabot travels to the desert to seek the egg that could save the Priest-Kings’ race.  The desert is populated by the Wagon People, a wild and fierce group of herders/warriors.  Tarl quickly befriends Kamchak, leader of the Tuchuck tribe.  Tarl travels with their group and is transplanted intoRead more

Mini Review: “High Couch of Silistra” by Janet Morris

This post is a part of a series of mini-reviews of books that I read while on blogging hiatus last fall. The High Couch of Silistra by Janet Morris is set on a post-apocalyptic planet that had been ravaged by nuclear war.  Genetic mutations have made it very difficult to procreate, and so society hasRead more

“Outlaw of Gor” by John Norman

I picked up Outlaw of Gor, sequel to John Norman’s Tarnsman of Gor, because I was having a stressful week and wanted something mindless, pulpy, and fun. Tarl Cabot goes on a camping trip into the mountains and once again finds himself swept away to the planet Gor, known as the Counter Earth.  When heRead more

“The Great Secret” by L. Ron Hubbard

While at BEA, I met some representatives (by which I mean pirates, see picture below) from Galaxy Press, which is dedicated to republishing L. Ron Hubbard’s pulp fiction in quality paperbacks and audiobooks.  They offered to send me a copy of “The Great Secret” in exchange for an honest review. When reading early pulp fiction,Read more