“The Book of the Crowman” by Joseph D’Lacey

book of the crowman

The Book of the Crowman is the second book in Joseph D’Lacey’s Black Dawn series, an ecological post-apocalyptic horror story about what happens when mankind stops respecting the Earth and the land itself begins to fight back. The story is told from the perspectives of two different characters, representing both the future and the past. Read more

“Black Feathers” by Joseph D’Lacey

Black Feathers is the first book in The Black Dawn, a series by Joseph D’Lacey that is set in the aftermath of an environmental apocalypse in a world not unlike our own.  When I saw this book at Barnes & Noble, I was immediately sucked in by the opening lines of the prologue, and knewRead more

Guest Post by Joseph D’Lacey – Environmentalism: Inspiration or Moral Message?

Joseph D'Lacey

Today’s guest post is by Joseph D’Lacey in preparation for the release of his new book, “The Book of the Crowman,” which will be released by Angry Robot on February 25, 2014.  “The Book of the Crowman” is the second book in the “Black Dawn” duology which began with “Black Feathers.” Since writing MEAT, aRead more