“Assassin of Gor” by John Norman

In the fifth installment of John Norman’s Gor series, our favorite ginger, Tarl Cabot, appears to be dead.  A mysterious and deadly assassin named Kuurus arises in his wake, traveling to the city of Ar to avenge him.  Kuurus is, of course, Tarl Cabot in disguise, because this is classic pulpy sci-fi, and heroes don’tRead more

“Nomads of Gor” by John Norman

In Nomads of Gor, the red-headed Tarl Cabot travels to the desert to seek the egg that could save the Priest-Kings’ race.  The desert is populated by the Wagon People, a wild and fierce group of herders/warriors.  Tarl quickly befriends Kamchak, leader of the Tuchuck tribe.  Tarl travels with their group and is transplanted intoRead more

“Priest-Kings of Gor” by John Norman

When I get stressed out, I find myself drawn to so-bad-it’s-good pulpy sci-fi, which is why I picked up book three of John Norman’s Gor series.  For anyone who hasn’t read my reviews of the first two books, think A Princess of Mars, except all the women are sex slaves who seem to be relativelyRead more

“Outlaw of Gor” by John Norman

I picked up Outlaw of Gor, sequel to John Norman’s Tarnsman of Gor, because I was having a stressful week and wanted something mindless, pulpy, and fun. Tarl Cabot goes on a camping trip into the mountains and once again finds himself swept away to the planet Gor, known as the Counter Earth.  When heRead more

“Tarnsman of Gor” by John Norman

When I picked up this book, I wasn’t quite sure to expect.  The reviews that I had read before buying it were a mixture of outraged feminists, nostalgic reminiscences, and people pointing out the predictability of the plot.  It sounded like it would either be terrible or a lot of fun. “Tarnsman of Gor,”  isRead more