The Well of Ascension Blog Tour, The Conclusion

Hey everyone!  This week we’ll be discussing the ending of Brandon Sanderson’s “The Well of Ascension” over at Lynn’s Book Blog.  For anyone who missed the earlier discussions, they can be found here: Carl – part one Me – part two Sue – part three Adam – part four For anyone who hasn’t been followingRead more

Well of Ascension Blog Tour, Week III

Hey!  Just wanted to let everyone know that this week’s discussion of Brandon Sanderson’s “The Well of Ascension” can be found over at Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers.  Earlier discussions can be found here and here in case you missed them. I might have been a bit naughty and finished the book already.  I hadRead more

Well of Ascension Blog Tour, Part II

Chaos and stability, the mist was both.  Upon the land there was an empire, within that empire were a dozen shattered kingdoms, within those kingdoms were cities, towns, villages, plantations.  And above them all, within them all, around them all, was the mist.  It was more constant than the sun, for it could not beRead more

Warbreaker Groupread, the Finale

Welcome to the final week of the readalong of Brandon Sanderson’s “Warbreaker,” brought to you by Amanda and Naithin, who have done an excellent job hosting this event. The above image is Warbreaker by Demon-Cabbage. This week’s discussions focus on the last 200 pages of a Sanderson novel, so expect MAJOR plot spoilers.  If you haven’tRead more

Warbreaker Groupread, Part IV

This week’s reading covers chapters 35-49 of Brandon Sanderson’s “Warbreaker.”  A lot happened in this section!  Many thanks to  Amanda and Naithinfor hosting this groupread. The image to the left is A Story for the God King by punker–rocker. The discussion below will contain major plot SPOILERS.  If you haven’t read the book, you’ll want toRead more

Neverwhere Groupread, The Conclusion

I’m late posting this because I’ve been at BEA all week.  Many thanks to Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings for hosting this groupread!  I’d heard many good things about Neverwhere before reading it, but never expected to be introduced to such a creepy/whimsical/wonderful new world! Rather than following specific questions this week, we decided toRead more

Mistborn Groupread, Part III

Hey everyone, and welcome to week three of the Mistborn groupread!  This week’s discussion covers chapters 16-25 of Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn:  The Final Empire.”  Discussion questions were written by yours truly.  If you pop over to Carl’s post at Stainless Steel Droppings you’ll be able to find links to everyone’s posts. The above image, Occupy LuthadelRead more