“Masks and Shadows” by Stephanie Burgis

Masks and Shadows is a historical fantasy novel set in Hungary in the 1770s.  The Hapsburgs currently reign, but there is constant court intrigue as scheming courtiers try to shift the balance of power.  The novel opens as Charlotte von Steinbeck, the newly widowed sister of Prince Nikolaus’ mistress, arrives at Eszterhaza.  Charlotte is prim andRead more

The Broken Kingdoms Readalong, Week 3

The Broken Kingdoms

Hi everyone, and welcome to week three of The Broken Kingdoms readalong!  Today’s discussion questions were written by Lauren from Violin in a Void and cover chapters 11-16.  The following discussion will contain spoilers, so if you aren’t up to chapter 16 yet, then you might wanna wait until you are to read more. 1.Read more