“Dreamwalker” by C. S. Friedman

I was so blown away by C.S. Friedman’s Magister Trilogy that when I heard she was trying her hand at a young adult series, I couldn’t help but get excited.  I love her writing so much, and I like the way that she considers the realistic consequences of her characters’ actions. Dreamwalker is the storyRead more

“Legacy of Kings” by C. S. Friedman

“Legacy of Kings” is the third book in C. S. Friedman’s Magister Trilogy, which began with Feast of Souls and Wings of Wrath.  I’m going to try to be as vague and spoiler-free as I can, which is always difficult when reviewing the third book in a series. The book begins with a poetic introductionRead more

New Acquisitions – 5/6/12

  Since I’m almost done with the semester, I took a trip to the used bookstore to celebrate and found some sci-fi treasures.  I’ve been following Women In SF&F Month over at Fantasy Cafe, which made me want to pick up some more sci-fi novels by female authors. “The Quiet Invasion” by Sarah Zettel –Read more

“Wings of Wrath” by C. S. Friedman

Back in September I reviewed C. S. Friedman’s “Feast of Souls,” the first book of the Magister Trilogy.  I finally read the second book! “Wings of Wrath” picks up where “Feast of Souls” left off.  The Wrath is a wall/spell separating the civilized world from the wintry north, which is where the Souleaters were banishedRead more