#BEA2015 Day 1, or “The Saga to Meet Amy Ewing”

amy ewing

Of all the years that I’ve gone to BEA, this one was the least planned on my end.  I planned on going, of course, but work got crazy, and I didn’t have that much time to figure out logistics until last minute.  My adventure begins, as usual, on a Megabus.  I don’t actually believe thatRead more

June 2012: A Month in Review

June was an exciting month for me, as it marked my attendance of Book Expo America for the first time.  My posts about BEA can be found here: BEA Excursion, the Prologue BEA Excursion, Arrival and The Strand BEA Excursion, Day 1 BEA Excursion, Day 2 BEA Excursion, Day 3 (and special treasures) So I don’t need to buy booksRead more

BEA Excursion, Day 3 (and special treasures)

Today was the third and final day of BEA, although I’ll still be in New York until tomorrow afternoon.  It was a lot calmer than the previous two days of exhibits, largely because it closed at 3.  I picked up some more books, although not quite as many this time. I didn’t realize just howRead more

BEA Excursion, Arrival and The Strand

I got to NYC today around lunchtime, which gave me an excellent excuse to get some NYC pizza.  Both Geoff W and The Dungeon Master suggested that I check out The Strand, which is a huge bookstore boasting 18 miles of bookshelves.  I was impressed, and I picked up two books while I was there:Read more