Pokemon Go and Virtual Reality in Books

Virtual reality has long been the stuff of fiction–from the Holodeck in Star Trek, the holograms in Star Wars, to the Matrix itself.  Then several months ago Niantic released the game Pokemon Go, representing the first time that normal people could experience virtual reality for themselves.  I mean, yeah the Oculus Rift and Google GlassRead more

“Solomon the Peacemaker” by Hunter Welles

  Solomon the Peacemaker by Hunter Welles is about Vincent Allen Chell, a suspected terrorist.  The story is told in the form of a one-sided interrogation as Vincent describes the motivation for his actions. Solomon the Peacemaker is set in a futuristic society where war no longer exists because international decisions are made by anRead more

“The Mad Scientist’s Daughter” by Cassandra Rose Clarke

When I requested The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, it was actually by mistake.  I had confused it with a YA novel about Frankenstein’s daughter (proof that the …’s Daughter naming trend has gone too far), and thought I’d read it on a whim.  This turned out to be the best mistake of 2013.  The Mad Scientist’sRead more