DNF Review: “Spellbound” by Sylvia Day

Normally I’m a very persistent reader and don’t give up on books easily.  I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve DNF’d since starting this blog (for non book blogger friends, DNF=Did Not Finish).  Spellbound by Sylvia Day is one of them. I picked up the book because it was on saleRead more

Review and Giveaway: “Lust” by Diana Raab

WHERE ELSE where else but in art can you let your fantasies blossom and dreams flower– nowhere. Lust is the fourth book of poetry by Diana Raab.  The book explores the emotional and physical intimacy of love, painting brief pictures of private moments shared between individuals and the complex feelings that they evoke. As inRead more

“Rogue’s Pawn” by Jeffe Kennedy

Rogue’s Pawn is the first in a trilogy of fantasy erotica novels by Jeffe Kennedy.  The story begins when Jennifer walks out of her life and through a portal to fairyland.  This seems to be a theme in the books I’ve been reading lately (see The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic for a muchRead more

King of Thieves Release Day Romp

This post is a part of the Release Day Romp (put on by Literati Author Services, Inc.) celebrating the release of Jane Kindred’s newest book, King of Thieves, which is the second book in the Demons of Elysium series.  Due to some issues going on in real life that I don’t want to get into here,Read more

“Master of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo” by Jeffe Kennedy

After much suspense, the conclusion to Jeffe Kennedy’s Master of the Opera serial is finally here!  For anyone who hasn’t been following the previous reviews, Master of the Opera is a serialized erotica novel that’s based on Phantom of the Opera.  You can see the review for Act 1 here.  This is going to beRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 5: A Haunting Duet” by Jeffe Kennedy

If you haven’t been following my reviews of Jeffe Kennedy’s serial novel Master of the Opera, you may want to back to my thoughts on Act 1.  I’ve been trying to avoid getting too spoilery while reviewing each section, but by Act 5, it’s hard not to give things away that happened in previous sections.Read more

“Master of the Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude” by Jeffe Kennedy

Jeffe Kennedy’s serial novel Master of the Opera continues in Act 4: Dark Interlude.  After making a grisly discovery at the end of Act 3, Christine tries to sort out her feelings and figure out which of her love interests is the villain. Christine’s boyfriend Roman Sanclaro starts getting more and more extreme in hisRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade” by Jeffe Kennedy

In this third installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s serialized novel Master of the Opera, Christine decides to give in to her desires and comes willingly to surrender herself to the masked man who dwells below the theater.  However, she’s got a love triangle dilemma, because she’s still going out with Roman, whom she’s had a crushRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 2: Ghost Aria” by Jeffe Kennedy

In this second installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s serialized erotic romance Master of the Opera, Christine is settling into her new life in Santa Fe.  The police have found the body of Christine’s predecessor, but Christine is determined not to lose her nerve, because she wants to build her own career instead of relying on herRead more

“Master of the Opera Act 1: Passionate Overture” by Jeffe Kennedy

One of the benefits of e-books is the ability to experiment with different styles and lengths of fiction than would be possible in traditional publishing. In the vein of my resolution to read whatever I want to read whenever I want to read it, I decided to try the serialized novel Master of the OperaRead more