A New Look, and Some New Books

Last night I completely re-did my blog’s theme/background to make it look nicer.  It’s something that was long overdue, and I’m liking the result so far.  I even have drop-down menus!  And my Twitter background matches my blog’s.  Yay! During my month-in-review post, I’d mentioned that I hadn’t gone out and bought any books lately. Read more

Post-finals book buying binge

My classes for this semester are officially done, and I got A’s.  Now that I’ll (hopefully) have more time to read, I went on a bit of a sci-fi book-buying binge. I went into the used bookstore with the intention of picking up something else by Sheri S. Tepper.  I recently read Singer From theRead more

New Acquisitions – 5/6/12

  Since I’m almost done with the semester, I took a trip to the used bookstore to celebrate and found some sci-fi treasures.  I’ve been following Women In SF&F Month over at Fantasy Cafe, which made me want to pick up some more sci-fi novels by female authors. “The Quiet Invasion” by Sarah Zettel –Read more

March 2012: A Month in Review (and new books)

March has been a relatively slow month for me, as I spent much of it trying to enjoy the weather before the allergies kicked in.  I read a couple review copies that I had received, but I haven’t really made any progress with ongoing reading challenges.  I’ve been participating in a readalong hosted by LittleRead more

I went book shopping again…

This weekend I discovered The Book Bank in Old Town Alexandria. The Book Bank is a relatively small used bookstore with the best sci-fi/fantasy section of any bookstore that I’ve been to in the DC area.  I had gone there with the hopes of finding some old Robert Silverberg paperbacks, and was more than successful.  Here’sRead more

New books!

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve added a few new books to my collection.  See, this is proof that having an e-reader won’t stop me from reading physical books too! “The Mistborn Trilogy” by Brandon Sanderson – I got the boxed set for Christmas, and I’m excited to read it.  I’ve been wanting to readRead more