Really, Amazon?

I signed up for Kindle Direct Publishing a couple years ago when Kindle was experimenting with blog subscriptions.  I had forgotten about it entirely until this morning, when I got the following e-mail about the Amazon/Hachette debacle. Dear KDP Author, Just ahead of World War II, there was a radical invention that shook the foundationsRead more

BEA Day 3: In Which I Rant About a Poorly Planned BookCon

pie face

Day 3 of BEA was a huge disappointment.  When I went to Book Expo two years ago, it was the first year that they had a “Power Reader Day” in which members of the general public could come to the show.  Well folks, it’s morphed into the monstrosity known as BookCon.  I like the *idea*Read more

Bookish Confessions

I vaguely remember seeing a “bookish confessions” discussion idea before, probably during a Top Ten Tuesday a couple years ago.  At the time I enjoyed reading other bloggers’ bookish confessions, but didn’t have much to contribute on my own.  Ah, how times have changed…  Here are a few of my bookish idiosyncracies. 1.  Finding bookshelvesRead more

Bloggers Beware: Grammarly Scam Alert (edited 12/11/13)

Edit as of 12/11/13:  After writing this post, I was contacted again by Grammarly with an apology and my promised gift card.  I put their link back into the sponsored post that I had originally written upon receiving the payment. Nick also gave me a free trial of Grammarly that didn’t involve giving them anyRead more

A Day at the Renaissance Faire

Yesterday I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival as a part of my friend’s birthday celebration.  It was the first Renaissance Faire that I’ve ever attended, although I had been wanting to go to one for many years. There was no question about the fact that I’d be going in costume.  I love medieval, Renaissance, andRead more

Literary Lolcats, Part III

This post is sponsored by Grammarly. “I use Grammarly’s free grammar check because public and pubic are not the same thing.” _______________________________________________________________________ When I started my blog back in 2011, I did a couple posts of literary lolcats, as seen here and here.  I can’t get enough of the cute kittehs, so here’s your procrastinationRead more