Pokemon Go and Virtual Reality in Books

Virtual reality has long been the stuff of fiction–from the Holodeck in Star Trek, the holograms in Star Wars, to the Matrix itself.  Then several months ago Niantic released the game Pokemon Go, representing the first time that normal people could experience virtual reality for themselves.  I mean, yeah the Oculus Rift and Google GlassRead more

My #hiptastic new glasses

Glasses are important for librarians and Grim Reapers alike… In fact, putting on new glasses can make you feel like you’ve taken on a new identity. I recently had my biennial eye appointment, and since I’m a librarian, I decided I could get away with some hiptastic ridiculous glasses.  I shall conform to all theRead more

The Book Blogger’s Guide to Managing ARCs

What is an ARC? ARC is short for Advanced Reader Copy.  Publishers send out ARCs and galley proofs to booksellers, librarians, and reviewers in the months leading up to a book’s publication date in order to generate buzz about the book before its release.  Other publishers will send out finished copies of a book inRead more