Welcoming 2020: Reading Goals

As a long-term book blogger, I’ve gone through periods of time where I’ve blogged almost daily, and I’ve gone through times when I’ve touched my blog every few months. I’m expecting 2020 to be more of the latter than of the former. I’m getting married in the fall, and wedding planning is intense. So I’m hoping to keep my blogging goals very modest this year:

  1. Read approximately 12 books. That comes out to a book each month, which seems reasonable to read and review. (Although I did briefly think that 20 books in 2020 had a nice ring to it.)
  2. Actually review things once I’ve read them. I put together a mini-review post just to start the year with a clean slate, and caught myself saying “What happened in this book that I read 4 months ago again?”
  3. Read whatever I want. There will be no shame. If I’m in the mood for trashy vampire erotica, then I’ll read trashy vampire erotica. If I’m in the mood for Dostoevsky, I’ll read Dostoevsky.

What are your reading goals for the new year?

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