“Beyond the Highland Mist” by Karen Marie Moning

“Beyond the Highland Mist” by Karen Marie MoningBeyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, #1) by Karen Marie Moning
Series: Highlander #1
Published: 29 May, 2007 by Dell
Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Pages: 375
Format: Paperback
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One day I found myself in Barnes & Noble browsing for something to read. I like the idea of romance novels more than I actually like romance novels, but I decided to check out the romance section of the store anyway. I pick up this book to read the cover, and see something about time travel and the fae. Sounds promising, right?

Then an announcement came over the store’s intercom. Apparently the loading dock had flooded, all hands were needed to save the books, and the store was closing immediately. We were told to make our final purchases and leave. So obviously I bought the book, even though I had read zero reviews, knew nothing about the author, and didn’t usually like the genre.

A few weeks later I picked up the book and started to read. There’s some Shakespearean Midsummer Night’s Dream shit going on, and mischief in the fae court. The fae decide to interfere in the life of a certain handsome young highlander, because the fae wanted to break his heart. So they found a woman named Adrienne who had sworn off romance because she’d been burned so badly by her previous relationship. They assumed that the Hawk would fall in love with her, she’d reject him, and they would have their revenge. Yes, Adrienne lived in modern American and Hawk was a Scottish Highlander from centuries before she was born, but what’s time to the fae?

Adrienne is ripped backwards in time, where she meets the Hawk. The Hawk loves her, because she’s a modern woman who is very forward with her ideas compared to the women of the time. Adrienne wants coffee.

As the story progresses, Hawk and Adrienne fall in love with each other. Adrienne begins to heal from the man who broke her trust and her heart. She begins to realize that Hawk isn’t like him, and that it’s okay for her to fall in love again. But the fae don’t like that, and start interfering with their relationship.

Usually, the reason why romance novels turn me off is because I don’t like seeing characters hurt each other or break each other’s trust, only for a tidy resolution at the end of the book. I don’t like contrived misunderstandings that break up a couple and keep them from realizing that each of them loves each other and if only they would communicate like adults they’d be able to have a great relationship. So having the fae in this case was helpful. A lot of problems (and the second half of the book) could have been averted if Adrienne and Hawk communicated better, but at the same time, the miscommunications generally happened because outside forces were deliberately trying to sabotage their relationship, rather than because there was some sort of fundamental incompatibility between the two characters.

I looked up the author after the fact, and noticed that this was her first book, which makes me curious about the others, which have had considerably more success. It’s not high literature, but Beyond the Highland Mist was an entertaining read.

2 thoughts on ““Beyond the Highland Mist” by Karen Marie Moning

  1. I’ve started her Fever series ages ago and loved it so much. It’s more Urban Fantasy than romance, which I don’t normally read for reasons you mention (those misunderstandings!). I’m glad you reminded me of her as it’s a series I’d really love to pursue. It’s also got Fae in it.

    1. Oooh I think I might really like them then! I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m at the bookstore. 🙂

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