Bride of the Water God, Vol. 1

Bride of the Water God, Vol. 1Bride of the Water God, Volume 1 by Mi-Kyung Yun, Heejeong Haas
Series: Bride of the Water God #1
Published: 30 October, 2007 by Dark Horse Books
Genres: Manga
Pages: 184
Format: Paperback
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Just a quick review on this one. Bride of the Water God is a Korean manga about a girl named Soah who is sacrificed in order to alleviate a drought in her hometown. She is sent away to marry the water god, Habaek. And by “marry the water god,” we mean a polite euphemism for drowning. But Soah doesn’t die, and instead is taken to the realm of the gods, to *actually* marry the water god. When she gets to his world, Soah quickly realizes that the water god Habaek is not who she thought he was. She was expecting a powerful but mercurial god, and instead, she found a little kid! But Habaek is also full of secrets, and there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Bride of the Water God has gorgeous artwork and a fairy tale plot. Habaek is not entirely likable yet, but still sympathetic. And Soah is in way over her head, but she’s going to adapt well to being in the world of the gods. It’s a cute story so far with lots of intrigue, which is good, because I have Volume 2 sitting on my shelf.

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