March 2018: A Month in Review

Happy Easter!

March was a productive blogging and reading month, thanks in part to the really great group of people from Bloggiesta. I read and reviewed the following books:

I’ve got so many ideas for the upcoming month. I going to participate in a meme called My TBR List. Here’s how it works. The first Saturday of the month, next week, I’ll post three books from my TBR pile, and you all can vote on which one I should read. The second Saturday of the month, I’ll post which book won. Then over the next two weeks, I’ll read the book, and post about it on the last Saturday of the month. It seems like a fun way to tackle books that have been on my shelf for a while, and to read books that all of you are interested in.

Do you have any upcoming reading plans for the new month?

6 thoughts on “March 2018: A Month in Review

  1. I’m trying to get through my TBR as well – ARCs/galleys first and then just plodding through my bookshelf.

    Did you redesign the site recently? It’s been awhile since I visited but for some reason it looks different to me! [Either way looks great!]

    1. I did! My last theme was very Instagram-dependent, and since I hadn’t been using Instagram as much lately, I decided to swap it out for something that was simple, clean, and easier to maintain. Glad you like it.

  2. Well done on achieving so much last month, you read and reviewed loads of books! I only got through two and I haven’t even reviewed them yet. I like the idea of the TBR meme, I need to do something like that myself. Will it be something we can all join in with?

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