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When I first started blogging, I was way too much of a goody two-shoes about memes. In my mind, the word meme meant something like this:


rather than something like this:

Which is just silly. Memes are different in every corner of the internet, and of course it makes sense that book bloggers have our own memes and events and discussions to get together and enthuse about books.

Now that I’m trying to come back to blogging more regularly (gotta reclaim my hobbies and my me-time), I want to get back in the swing of things and try a meme or two to reconnect with the book blogging world and help me discover new blogs to read. But I’m out of the loop that I was only ever sort of in to begin with, and a lot of the memes I knew about have since disappeared. So, I wanted to do a discussion post today about memes.

Do you participate in any blog memes? Which ones do you like best? Which ones are most fun to read? Are there any memes that SF/F bloggers gravitate to? And how do you balance blogging events and memes with the rest of your otherwise busy schedule?

5 thoughts on “Discussion: Blog Memes

  1. I participated in a few of the Classic Club Memes for a little while, but realized how overwhelming they were. From a readers perspective I do tend to skip over meme posts, especially if I’ve got 4-5 people on my RSS feed that have done the same meme unless it’s something I’m REALLY interested in.

    1. That makes sense. And I tend to glaze over a lot of memes when I read blogs as well. I like the idea of them more than the execution sometimes.

  2. My co-blogger and I did a couple memes when we first started, but we don’t do them anymore, partially because we just have so much original content now and partially because neither of us actually read memes on other blogs. I think memes that ask a question or lend themselves to robust content can work, but I’m definitely not a fan of memes that are basically like “What are you reading this week?” or “List the quote from page 53 of the book you are reading.”

  3. I do a few memes, but like you said, a lot of the old ones have sadly gone. The main ones I do now are Teaser Tuesday/Top Ten Tuesday (whichever one I feel like doing), The Book Blogger Hop, The Sunday Post and Insecure Writers Support Group. I occasionally do Stacking the Shelves and other posts about once a month when I feel like it. I don’t commit to doing them every week, especially when I’ve got reviews and other things scheduled.

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