It’s time for the Spring 2018 Bloggiesta! Bloggiesta is an event where book bloggers come together to give each other encouragement and work on some of the things we normally don’t have time for, or that keep getting put off. The event lasts for a week, and each day there are social media meet-ups and mini-challenges. I’ve got a big to-do list that I’d like to work on, and hopefully I can manage to check off at least some of the items by the time the week is over.

  1. When I first started blogging, back in the dark ages (2011 or so), I hosted pretty much all of the images on my blog in Photobucket. That was before there were book-blogging plugins and tools to make organization easier, and back when I was worried about running out of space when hosting image files on my blog. At the time, it worked out really well. But then a few months ago Photobucket got greedy, and now they charge money to let you embed images hosted there on blogs. I’ve been working on migrating the images and putting them into my posts, but I’ve got hundreds of posts to go through still. I’m hoping this week that I can make significant progress.
  2. Writing reviews for the stack of manga that I’ve read but haven’t gotten around to writing about yet.
  3. Visiting other blogs, and discovering more great books to get excited about. ✓
  4. Go through my e-mail, and respond to blog-related inquiries.
  5. Revisit the typography on my blog. I’ve been doing more design-related work at my job, and did an online class on typography. I don’t love the font on my post title pages/sidebars/menus, and want to see if I can find something better to replace it with. ✓

Do you have any spring cleaning activities that you’re working on for your blog?

16 thoughts on “Bloggiesta

  1. Haha – no. I don’t. I have so many plans and good intentions and you can always hear them as they crash spectacularly. I’ll still keeping having plans at the back of my mind but I’ve given over sharing them these days as it just feels like setting myself up to fail 😀
    Lynn 😀

  2. I remember those “dark ages” and yeah, I hosted images on Flickr at the time. I’m since switched blogs, so it’s a non-issue for me but man, that stinks that photobucket is basically holding your images hostage! Good luck 🙂 Happy bloggiesta!

    1. Thanks! I’ve made some progress so far, but I still have a lot of posts to update. It’ll be so nice when it’s done!

  3. That is quite the list. I haven’t used Photobucket for anything but it sounds like a pain. I store everything in my WordPress account (granted, I am still less than a year old). My problem is labeling them so that I can search easier lol. Good luck with your list!

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