2018 Blogging Resolutions

As the new year begins, it’s time to take a few minutes and reflect on my reading and blogging goals for the new year. 2017 brought me stress, loss, and change. I’ve resolved that 2018 will be better. After some reflection, here are my reading goals for the new year:

  1. My goal for the Goodreads challenge for 2018 is only 36 books. I read fewer books in 2017 than in any other year since I was a child. I’ve also spent more time on other hobbies, like working on subversive/feminist cross stitch projects. Rather than aiming to read a book per week as in previous years, I think I want to focus on quality over quantity. And I am defining quality very loosely, which leads me to goal #2.
  2. Mood reading is the best reading. I’m not going to worry about what I feel like I “should” be reading. If I want to spend a month reading a doorstop-sized epic fantasy novel, I will. If I want to binge-read a stack of Korean vampire manga like I did this afternoon (don’t judge!), then I will. I want to read things because they speak to me at any given moment.
  3. When I finish a book or a series of books, I would like to make a decision about whether or not I am going to keep that book versus donating it. I’m going to try to accept that not every book that I decide to read will be re-read material. Ever since I started blogging, my book collection has gotten a wee bit out of control, and I think this will help my apartment slowly get less cluttered.

What are your bookish resolutions for the 2018?

4 thoughts on “2018 Blogging Resolutions

    1. Thanks! Giving books away can be hard for me too, but I keep telling myself that they aren’t doing anybody any good sitting on a shelf. My hope is that my shelves will be filled with books that are either old friends or new books that I’m excited about reading, with fewer books that I’ve read once and am not likely to return to, much as I enjoyed them in the moment.

  1. #3 is the best! I made that decision a few years ago and it’s amazing how many books I’ve gotten rid of after I’ve read them. My forever shelf is so small now.

    1. Glad to hear it worked well for you! I’m hoping it’ll help me manage my bookshelves a little better. As much as I love hoarding books, I’m starting to accept that I’ll likely always live in small apartments, and that not every book is a forever book.

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