“Model Vol. 2” by Lee So-Young

“Model Vol. 2” by Lee So-YoungModel, Volume 2 by Lee So-Young
Series: Model #2
Published: July 13th 2004 by TokyoPop
Genres: Graphic Novels
Pages: 212
Format: Paperback
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Model Vol. 2 is somehow even more ridiculous than the first volume. To recap: Michael is a vampire, and Jae is an artist who is letting him drink her blood in exchange for him letting her paint his picture.

Jae has moved into Michael’s house, as she’s utterly devoid of common sense. She is an angsty artist, after all. Michael’s house brings with it a new cast of characters. Ken moves around like the Flash. He has a thing for bats, and he HATES Michael. Eva is the stern prim-and-proper housekeeper, but she’s got a past that she’d like to keep hidden. Both Ken and Eva are equally as dramatic as Jae and Michael. At the moment, none of them seem like deep characters, just secretive ones.

As she starts to get to know Michael better, Jae starts to develop feelings for him. Ken gets mad and tries to scare Jae off. Eva also wants Jae gone for unknown reasons. Presumably it disrupts her routine. Jae isn’t going to let herself be scared off by anyone, and won’t put up with their nonsense.

Much like¬†Model Vol. 1, this feels a lot like a soap opera, but one with goths and vampires. It’s not particularly original, but it still sucks you in because every character feels like an exaggeration, and acts as dramatically as they can at any given moment. It’s the kind of nonsense that makes you want to keep reading and watch the show.

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