March was an exciting month for me. Mike and I moved from the building where we had lived for four years to a new place in Alexandria. We’re renting a condo rather than an apartment, and the new place suits me so well–it’s an old building with lots of history, it has gorgeous parquet floors, and a little patio outside where I can sip my coffee and read (that is, when spring is over and I’m not so allergic to life). The move itself was a bit daunting, because even after purging some of my books, I still had around 25 full boxes of books that bring me joy. Thank God for movers!

Rather than setting up a book nook in the new place, we decided to line the dining area with bookshelves and books. I’m eventually going to set up a cozy reading spot elsewhere in the apartment, but first I need to find the perfect reading chair.

It actually comes as a surprise that I managed to read a decent amount of books over the past month.

And that means I’m only two books behind schedule on my Goodreads challenge!

In other news this month, I got my first Bookish Box this month. I love subscription boxes–I get a makeup one each month because otherwise I’d never buy fresh makeup for myself. And it’s a lot of fun. When I saw The Bookish Box, I wanted it immediately. But at $30/month, it’s a little bit expensive for me to commit to as a monthly thing. But lucky for me, The Bookish Box also does occasional one-off boxes, each around a certain theme. I snagged the Alice in Wonderland box, since I’m a huge Lewis Carroll fan (as you may have guessed from the name of my blog).

The box came with a t-shirt that says “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality,” a mug that says “Drink Me” (one of my favorite mugs now), a jasmine-scented candle, some stickers, and some planner clips. Overall, I’m very impressed!

That’s a good thing, since I also ordered their Feminist one-off box, which will ship later this month.

As far a April reading plans go, I’m expecting this to be a wild month. I have an upcoming business trip in San Francisco, then I’ll be visiting the family in PA, followed by a week-long beach trip with my cousins. With all the travel, I think that I’ll be reading some books on my much-neglected Kindle rather than focusing on my shelves. Here’s what I’m anticipating:

  • Rowan’s Ruin by Mike Carey. Actually, I finished reading this one last night, so review incoming. It’s a standalone graphic novel about a haunted house.
  • The Diviners by Libba Bray. It’s a young adult novel that’s basically a mash-up of The Great Gatsby and The Craft. I’ve got this one sitting on my nightstand, and am about halfway through it so far.
  • Warrior Witch by Danielle Jensen. This is the third book in the Malediction trilogy, and I feel remiss for not having read it right when it came out. For anyone who hasn’t read this trilogy, DO IT!!!! It’s about trolls who are intelligent and cunning rather than stupid, and a human named Cecile who gets wrapped up in their society against her will.

What are you planning on reading this month? Any books you’re psyched about?

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  1. Hello neighbor! Congrats on your move, sounds like a nice place! For me a balcony or patio for reading and coffee is absolutely a must. Enjoy your reading and upcoming travels.

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