January 2017: A Month in Review

How is your year going so far? 2017 still feels a bit surreal to me. I live in the Washington DC area, and ever since Trump’s Inauguration, I’ve become a lot more politically active, whether that means participating in protests (there are so many protests) or making phone calls and sending letters to Congress.

What does that mean for my blog? Well, for starters, it means that there may be some growing pains as I try to find a sustainable balance between blogging, political engagement, work, and having a social life. I’m not going to stress if I fall behind, and I’m not going to feel guilty if I write mini-reviews instead of full ones. During January, I didn’t post as many full reviews as usual, although I did participate in half of a readalong (oops) and had some guest posts/cover reveals:

During February, I’ve already got a few mini-reviews/reviews in the works. I plan on posting short reviews of Naamah’s Kiss and Death Vigil. I also recently read Caraval, a YA novel that’s kind of like The Hunger Games meets Austenland with a demented circus, and The Word for World is Forest, a thoughtful sci-fi novel about the lasting impacts of colonialism.

What have you read recently? Do you have anything exciting on your shelf?

2 thoughts on “January 2017: A Month in Review

  1. Hello fellow DC’er! Thanks for all you’re doing to protest. I’m not good at going to protests (weak excuse but crowds really bother me) and I’m a fed so I feel like my speech is limited, but I’m getting better at using my off-hours to exercise my rights as a citizen! What you’re doing is so important and seems to be making a difference. Your comment about the world feeling surreal is how I feel too. I’ve lived and worked in DC through lots of administration changes, but this is horrifying. It’s like the country is being run by people with no morals whatsoever.

    I don’t know much about your books, but I love the title of The Word for World is Forest. I also love science fiction so I’ll look that one up.

    1. Being a fed is tough and thankless–too many limits, and too much of a political target. Thanks for sticking it out! I know I couldn’t right now. 🙂

      You will love The Word for World is Forest. LeGuin manages to be eloquent and political and yet somehow the moral never gets in the way of the story.

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