“Sunstone Vol. 1” by Stjepan Šejić

“Sunstone Vol. 1” by Stjepan ŠejićSunstone Vol. 1 by Stjepan Šejić
Series: Sunstone #1
Published: January 6th 2015 by Image Comics
Genres: Graphic Novels
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
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Remember how a few weeks ago I was raving about Monstress? Yeah, that book created a monster, and my budget for the month is kind of fucked because I decided I need to buy ALL THE COMICS. #noregrets

This one is called Sunstone, and I’m super impressed. It’s the story of two women who meet online and begin a BDSM relationship, but it’s also so much more. Lisa is a writer and has always wanted to explore her submissive side. The story is narrated from her point-of-view as she reflects on the beginning of her relationship with Ally. The two of them first become friends on the internet, and then decide to meet up in real life. They’re adorable and awkward and shy with each other, but there’s also this amazing chemistry between them as they realize that they make each other feel more complete.  The tension of the story isn’t anything unhealthy about the relationship, but rather that the characters are slowly falling in love when all they’d planned to do was explore their sexuality together.

I adored all of the MMO-RPG references scattered throughout Sunstone (I may or may not have been played WoW and SWTOR for several years, and while I love MMOs, I’m the kind of person who feels like she has to do something right or not do it at all, and raiding took up too much time, and I decided to focus more on blogging, and now I’m rambling…). Stjepan Šejić draws a parallel between BDSM and being a nerd, and I totally ate it up.

Why does Fifty Shades of Grey have to be so popular when something as beautiful as Sunstone exists?!?! Ally and Lisa’s relationship is one of playfulness and joy, which is the polar opposite of Edward and Bella (sorry, couldn’t help myself). And even though the book has a lot of explicit sexual content, the focus was on the relationship, not on the sex (in fact, at one point Ally’s character pokes fun at erotica and its ridiculous descriptions of sex).

Vol. 2 is already sitting on my shelf, if that says anything.

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  1. I read it before. Some of the BDSM is still off though. Often it’s incorrect. Though I don’t expect much for a comic that has orks and stuff. Having characters bisexual or casted homosexuals one day and re-casted heterosexuals the next.

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