New Acquisitions & Musings

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a New Acquisitions post, so I’m going to keep this one super visual. I was reading a really great post over at Memory’s blog called On Reviewing Less, and it really got me to thinking about all of the different types of posts I write, and what kind of things I get bogged down in versus what I’ve been enthusiastic about.  And I realized that the biggest difference between now and when I started blogging is that I’m in all kinds of places doing kinda sorta similar things.  Now instead of just blogging I’m on Instagram and Goodreads and Twitter and Facebook and there are so many different places–I’m still talking about books and talking with other bookish enthusiasts, but it’s not just here, it all feels so much less centralized and I feel like I never get anything done and then I get discouraged.  So I think that while my regular reviews may stay the same, I want to try to experiment more and try to find balance again and not feel so bogged down so I can spend more time reading and chatting with you all.  Maybe it’s less reviews and more pictures. Maybe it’s bringing the two together somehow. Maybe it’s more discussion posts. Maybe it’s learning my limits, which is something I’m not very good at.

So let’s give this kind of post a whirl and see how it works!

How do you find balance in your blogging/reading/bookish life? And for long-time bloggers (or any bloggers really), what do you do to bring back the excitement when you start feeling overwhelmed?

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