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You know that feeling when you’re busy running around the country, fighting vampires, and causing general mayhem?  Okay, maybe I’m lying about the vampires, but my past month has been pretty crazy.  One of the things that I love about my current job is the occasional travel, and this month I had two different work-related trips.

The first was to Boston.  It was my first time in Boston, although I’d been in nearby Salem earlier this summer doing kitschy witchy things and hiding out in comic book shops.  Since I had a limited amount of free time, I skipped most of the usual tourist stops and instead went to as many bookstores as I possibly could.  Links go to pictures that I am too lazy to embed.

  • Brattle Book Shop – This was a gorgeous used bookstore with an outdoor alleyway in addition to the main shop.  I adored it.  It had a decently sized SF/F section, but it was double stacked and disorganized.  Don’t go there looking for anything specific and you’re certain to discover some gems.
  • Commonwealth Books – This used and rare bookstore is located on Boston’s oldest street.  It’s currently in a construction area, but don’t let that stop you from visiting.  It’s got a decent selection of literary fiction, but poetry is where this bookstore truly shines.  I didn’t see a dedicated SF/F section here though.
  • Harvard Bookstore – Guys this bookstore is amazing and you have to visit if you get a chance.  I want to be the resident bookstore gnome who lives in the basement and reads all the books and creeps around there.  This is because although the upstairs bookstore focuses on new books, the downstairs is filled with clearance remainders and used books.  Their upstairs SF/F section is well-curated.

I also caught the nation’s smartest Pokemon on Harvard’s campus, and took down a gym with a Flareon that I’d named Praxis, as one does.

The day after I got back from Boston, I came down with a horrible case of food poisoning that had me vomiting my guts out.  I thought I was getting better, and hopped a plane to my next meeting in Chicago.  I was not getting better.  The food poisoning turned into a fever/sinus infection/head cold/chest cold/bullshit.  I spent most of my Chicago trip alternating between dragging myself to meetings and passing out in my extremely comfortable hotel room.

I’ve always loved Chicago, and strangely enough, this visit made me love the city even more.  Every time I stepped out of my room, I felt as if the city was taking care of me, and I was able to find both soup and tea spots within a block or two of the hotel.  I found a nice comic book store and picked up a trade of Monstress, and on my last morning in the city I decided to go frolic in the Millennium Park Fountain during a break.  Life is too short not to splash around in public fountains at every opportunity.

My past week has been spent playing catch-up from all of the things I didn’t do while out of town, as well as trying to fight off the remnants of this extremely stubborn cold.  For those of you whom I’ve promised reviews, they will be posted soon, I promise!

Somehow, this month I still managed to read and review the following books:

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    1. I want to do more of my local bookstores too. Not that I’m looking for an excuse to go to all the bookstores and buy more books. 😛

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Boston! Next time you’re up you should check out Brookline Booksmith’s Used Book Cellar. It’s just like Harvard’s and may have an even broader selection.

    1. Will do! Boston was fantastic, and I’d love to visit again sometime and check out even more bookstores. Muahaha.

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