Literary Cocktails at the Petworth Citizen and Reading Room

It all started with the pirogi. I grew up on delicious homemade pirogi manufactured by the ladies in the church basement, but now I live in the DC area.  DC is a generic city with generic people and generic food, at least when it comes to Eastern European food, and there are only two places in the DC/MD/NoVA area where I can find delicious (albeit overpriced) pirogi that come even remotely close to the real thing.  One of those places, Domku, is going out of business this month because the rent is too damn high, so of course we had to go back there, even though Petworth is way out of the way.  And of course WMATA had a bunch of delays and our group didn’t fully assemble until much later than expected, and so I arrived early and ducked into the bar next door.  This led me to discover a marvelous new (to me) place completely by accident: The Petworth Citizen and Reading Room.  When I walked inside, I thought I’d died and gone to bookish heaven.

The Reading Room is a small room tucked at the end of the bar, and it’s lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves.

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Each weekend there are literary cocktails themed around a particular author.  This weekend’s theme was Roald Dahl, whom I adored as a child.

After much deliberation, I decided to try the BFG, a blend of in, peach bitters, cucumber syrup, lemon, egg white, Gordy’s brine, and cornichon.  I have no idea what cornichon even is, but this cocktail was delicious.

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If you’re ever in the DC area on a weekend and are looking for some bookish fun, I’d definitely recommend checking this place out!

2 thoughts on “Literary Cocktails at the Petworth Citizen and Reading Room

  1. Oh man, pirogi…! Here in Sweden, what they call pirogi are actually pirozhki, which are tasty but obviously not the same thing. It’s impossible to find frozen pirogi for when you’re feeling lazy.

    1. I love pirozhki too, and am lucky enough to live near a Russian restaurant and grocery store.

      I wish pirogi didn’t take so long to make from scratch. I know how to make them, but it’s easily a full afternoon endeavor.

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