My Very Own Book Nook!

The completed book nook! #bookstagram

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As I mentioned in my last post, my past several days have been completely taken up with moving. My old apartment was getting lots of secondhand smoke through the vents, and as someone with pretty crazy allergies, the result was not pretty. And so our building offered to let us move down the hall to another unit that was opening up.

The hardest part of moving is, of course, moving my book collection. We’d been in the old place for a while, and started with just two bookshelves. The books were fruitful and multiplied, and somehow we ended up with seven shelves full of books in a one-bedroom apartment.

As we looked at the new place and were trying to decide how we were going to Tetris our stuff into a smaller space, Mike got a crazy idea. So crazy, in fact, that it was a stroke of pure genius. We put the shortest bookshelves underneath the bar area, and then used the midsized bookshelves to cordon off our very own book nook. The back of the shelves were ugly as hell, so we decided to repurpose some of my scarves to cover them up. I’m a bit of a flower child anyway, so I’m always in favor of using pretty scarves to decorate. Then we added a wine rack, some art, the rug that my grandmother made, and some comfy chairs, and the book nook was complete.

Having a book nook totally makes up for the lack of a linen closet, as well as all the hassle of moving. I’ve wanted a book nook/library/reading corner ever since I was a kid, but had naively thought that I would never have one until I could afford a place that either had an extra room or allowed you to put holes in the walls (and in the DC area, that’s a lot to ask). I’m so excited to have one!

*wanders off to book nook and is never seen again*

3 thoughts on “My Very Own Book Nook!

  1. I like it! Although it may be dangerous with the ability to keep expanding. I’ve been proud of myself limiting how many books I have, but I have to keep a very very close eye on it 😀

  2. Sorry about the need to move, but this is a wonderful by-product of being forced to redecorate somewhere new. It looks great. I’ve very thrilled for you. A book nook is indeed a wonderful place to have.

    1. Much as moving was/is a pain, I’m loving the new place. Hardwood floors and a book nook make me happy. Of course, now I’ll never want to leave it! 😛

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