“The Changeling Sea” by Patricia McKillip

“The Changeling Sea” by Patricia McKillipThe Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip
Published: 1989 by Del Rey
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 153
Format: Paperback
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I picked up a tattered paperback of The Changeling Sea at a used book sale in part because I love McKillip’s ethereal writing style, and in part because of the gorgeous Michael Whelan cover.  Like most of McKillip’s work, The Changeling Sea reads like a fairy tale or a bedtime story; it’s short, enchanting, and filled with wonder.

Peri (short for Periwinkle) lives in tiny fishing village.  Her father died at sea, and ever since, her mother has been listless and distant.  Peri spends her time living in a local witch woman’s cottage until she too disappears.  Frustrated by her own feelings of loss, Peri decides to hex the sea.  As she is constructing her hexes, a bedraggled Prince Kai appears and asks her to include a message to be carried to the sea.  Peri doesn’t really believe that her hexes will work, but she agrees.  The next day, a sea dragon appears wearing a chain of gold.  But who on earth could be powerful enough to chain such a being?

I’m not normally about love triangles, but there is a love triangle in this story, and it is done well.  Peri finds herself developing feelings for Kai, but we know from the very start that their love is both passionate and doomed, because Kai is drawn to the sea and loves it more than he could possibly love a mortal woman.  Meanwhile Peri builds a companionship with another character that gradually develops into something more, even though it’s not the same kind of love that she experiences with Kai.  And there’s so much acknowledgment of how much doomed love can hurt, even if a relationship isn’t practical or feasible or good for the people involved.  The entire message is delivered with both elegance and melancholy.

I read The Changeling Sea in one sitting, as it was both short and impossible to put down.  It reminds me nostalgically of the stories that I read as a child.  I’d highly recommend this, or any of McKillip’s novels.  Once again, her work does not disappoint.

2 thoughts on ““The Changeling Sea” by Patricia McKillip

  1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I read it many (oh so many…makes me feel old) years ago. I had already read some of McKillip’s work and was hungry for whatever I could get my hands on. I believe I picked it up right when it came out. And I too fell hard for the Michael Whelan cover. I’ve only read it the one time, but I remember it so fondly. She is such an interesting writer, I love what she does with words.

    1. Her stories remind me of the fairy tales I loved as a child. They’re simple and elegant, and always filled with wonder. Every time I’m at a used book sale I keep an eye out for anything she’s written. 🙂

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