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aberrant vectors

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

“Aberrant Vectors” by JM GuillenAberrant Vectors: A Cyberpunk Espionage Tale of Eldritch Horror (The Dossiers of Asset 108 Book 3) by JM Guillen
Series: The Dossiers of Asset 108 #3, The Paean of Sundered Dreams
Published: 2015 by Irrational Worlds
Genres: Horror/Gothic, Science Fiction
Pages: 489
Format: eARC
Source: the author
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Aberrant Vectors is the latest release in JM Guillen’s series The Dossiers of Asset 108, a sci-fi espionage series about a cybernetically enhanced sleeper agent attempting to save the world from extradimensional tentacle monsters.  I’ve been intrigued by Guillen’s writing for a while now, because each of his stories is connected in the larger multiverse of The Paean of Sundered Dreams.  And although the stories in the Paean span many genres (we’re talking everything from secret agents, zombies, and tentacle monsters to sex priestesses and mysticism), they each tell the story of a world on the precipice of darkness, where the actions of heroes have a chance to make a difference.

Aberrant Vectors begins as Michael plans to meet up with a friend at the bar, but is instead activated by the Facility to intervene in a deadly situation.  A top secret location has been compromised–so top secret that until he was called in to help fix the situation, Michael never even knew it existed.  When Michael arrives, he finds reddish blooms of psychic alien life, as well as a number of people who want to kill him.  All in a day’s work!

We soon find out that the Facility has terrestrial as well as otherworldly enemies.  The Sadhana Corporation, an international conglomeration of assholes, has been helping different aberrations to slip under the Facility’s radar, and instead, using them toward their own diabolical ends.  Michael and his cadre travel to Sadhana’s headquarters, where they encounter an enemy so vile and repulsive that it makes even the tentacle monsters seem cute and fuzzy by comparison–TELEMARKETERS!

And on a fascinating note, it appears that one of the aberrations has begun to affect Michael’s brain.  Whenever he sees blood, he becomes enthralled by it, and it seems to him that he understands all the mysteries of the universe and that only now does he understand the truth.  Of course, while he’s tripping balls, he’s usually in the middle of a battle, where becoming mesmerized by the sight of blood is a very bad idea.

During my review of The Primary Protocol, I speculated about the Facility and its intentions.  Are they really the good guys?  Do they have factions within?  Reading Aberrant Vectors did not confirm or deny my suspicions, but it did give me some food for thought.  At one point, one of the Sadhana goons threw a dampening grenade, which leads me to believe that Sadhana has at least one Facility Asset in its employ.  I’m also certain that getting a Facility Asset to play traitor is particularly difficult, what with the mind control and all.  Each Asset is constantly connected to the Lattice, and so the Facility theoretically has access to all of their memories.  Michael Bishop doesn’t trust Agent Stone, but I’m not sure if that’s reason for me to believe that Stone is the potential traitor, even if some of his behaviors, such as insisting on speaking aloud rather than telepathically, did seem a tad suspicious.  Michael’s impressions in Aberrant Vectors are seemingly compromised due to his infection, and so I can’t tell whether his distrust of Stone is something worth worrying about, or whether it’s coming from the same source as his fascination with blood.  Clearly, I’m going to have to alter space and time so that Book 4 is in my hands immediately, and then I can continue to puzzle this one out.

It’s been as impossible for me to put down these books as it has been for Michael Bishop to look away from blood.  I’m pretty sure I’m crossing the line into rabid fangirl territory, but these books are amazing and I want the whole world to know about them.  Highly recommended.

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    1. They’re really neat! The shared world and interconnectedness remind me of Sanderson’s Cosmere, but the stories are (at least currently) not 1000-page doorstoppers that I need to set aside massive amounts of time to read (*glances guiltily at unread copy of “Words of Radiance”*).

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