June 2015: A Month in Review

Month in Review 2

Apparently I haven’t done my usual month-in-review post since April.  Ooops.  May was crazy busy, as you can see by comparing the number of books I read/reviewed in May vs. June.  I’m also a bit behind on my Goodreads reading challenge, as my goal is to read 75 books this year, but I’ve only reviewed 28 so far.  Think I can do it?

Books I Read in May
Books I Read in June
Blogging Plans for July

So, even though I planned on having a review up before the publication date, I still haven’t finished Oathkeeper, the sequel to Grudgebearer, which I loved.  In fact, a blurb from my review of Grudgebearer appears on the print addition of Oathkeeper, which makes me feel several things:

  1. Yippee!  OMG!  I’ve made it as a book blogger!  One of my blurbs is on a book!  From a publisher!  A really awesome one, too!  *Happy dance*
  2. Of course, looking back on this quote, I could have done a better job at not sounding like a rabid fangirl.  Not that I’m *not* a rabid fangirl.  Just sayin.
  3. Guilt that I’ve had the ARC of Oathkeeper for several months now and haven’t finished reading it yet.

So, agenda item #1:  Finish the goddamn book and write a review.  Which shouldn’t be that difficult, considering I’m three quarters of the way through it already and love it even more than I loved the first book.

The rabid fangirliness is strong with this one.
The rabid fangirliness is strong with this one.

Part of why I didn’t finish Oathkeeper yet is because this winter I was drinking at the Uzbek embassy with a friend and we decided to start a book club.  We decided to read The Name of the Wind for our June meeting, and while Patrick Rothfuss is an amazing writer, the book was also more than 700 pages and took a significant amount of time for me to finish.  Expect a review from that direction sometime in the near future.

Also in the works are some reviews of lighthearted novels that I read to pass time while traveling or at the pool.  There’s Jinn and Juice, a story about a jinni living in Pittsburgh, and The Sword Woman, a collection of short pulp fiction whose title is pretty self-explanatory.

And because I can’t resist temptation and wanted to dive into some of my shiny new books from BEA, I’m currently reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.  That’s the book I stood in line the longest for, so it’s only fair that that one goes first.  Well, second.  But still.  You get the point.

In between all that, I’m about two weeks behind on the Kushiel’s Dart readalong, and I promise I’ll catch up soon, especially if the group wants to continue reading through the rest of the series.  Before I started my blog, I used to reread books all the time.  I had significantly fewer books.  But since then my TBR pile has multiplied.  I feel bad re-reading when I have so many books that I haven’t read, but the Kushiel books are like old friends and I don’t want to neglect them because I see new and shiny things like Six of Crows.  Reading and discussing them as a group is a perfect excuse.

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    1. I was jumping for joy when I saw the blurb, because it was completely unexpected but something I always secretly hoped would happen one day but didn’t think actually would. And I started Six of Crows this weekend and am loving it thus far!

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