#BEA15 Day 2, or “My feet hurt… Treat Yo Self!”

An account of my day, from a zombie’s perspective.  I think I got more exercise today than I normally do in a week, just from being at Javits and walking around NYC, and I’m not quite sure how I’m awake right now.  But I like to do my BEA posts on the day of, otherwise I’m not as detailed as I’d like.  zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZz *wakes up*

I arrived at Javits bright and early this morning after eating a hodgepodge breakfast designed for maximum BEA efficiency.  A few bites of egg for protein, some fruit for energy, and a fried chicken tender for calories, just in case I forgot to eat lunch because I got distracted by ALL THE BOOKS.  Oh, and caffeine, which is necessary.

My first goal of the day was to meet Heather Demetrios, because I finished reading Exquisite Captive a week or two ago and am dying to read the sequel. I was the first person in a line that became long and snakish.  Is snakish a word?  Spell check doesn’t like it, but I do.

Picture via @bbowen949.

I was going to take a picture with Heather, but my phone decided at that moment to crap out, and by the time it unfroze, the moment had passed.  But that’s okay.

After meeting Heather, I impulsively jumped into a line over at Harlequin Teen for a book called Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman.  It was a ticketed signing, meaning they could only guarantee books to the first 100 people in line, but since it was a panel of authors and I’m sure not everybody wanted every book,  I decided to cross my fingers and hope for the best, even though I was #105.  I ended up getting a copy, and as I talked with her, I realized that the author was surprisingly familiar.  It took me a little while to realize it, but she’s the same person I met at the Renn Faire a few years back!  And she was in costume again today.

Then there was the Ellen Datlow signing, which I didn’t realize required tickets from a stand that had already closed for the day.  But, due to my sleep deprivation yesterday, I accidentally wrote a signing onto my schedule that was taking place at the Horror Writers Association booth, for which I was promptly one day early.  And at that booth, I acquired a golden ticket to see Ellen Datlow!

I've got a golden ticket!
I’ve got a golden ticket!

A bunch of other things happened, but it’s all blurring together.  I went to more signings and galley drops, and after the last drop of the day, I wandered into a booth where a kind soul handed me a glass of champagne.  I made my way back to the hotel, dropped my books off, then embarked on an adventure in NYC.

My preciouses.
My preciouses.

I blame this all on my sister, who introduced me to the deliciousness that is ramen.  Not ramen like you get in a packet for ten cents at the grocery store, but real Japanese-style ramen that is deliciousness incarnate.  Having tried ramen in DC and Pittsburgh, I decided that I ought to see how NYC would compare.


It compares favorably, and best of all, there was no wait!
It compares favorably, and best of all, there was no wait!

After that, I wandered over to the Birchbox store.  Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that I’ve been getting for a few months now, where they send you some samples of beauty products for a small fee.  I love it because I want to buy the occasional luxury product, but have no idea what to do.  Enough on that.  I went to the Birchbox store partly for funsies, and partly because my hair was turning into a frizzball from a combination of hotel shampoo and forgetting my leave-in conditioner/heat protector back in Virginia.  So I figured I’d treat myself and buy something to tame it.  In their physical store, they have a thing where you could make your own box with five sample products, so I also got a sheet mask and settled down for some relaxation.  I will spare you pictures of that, because sheet masks make people look like axe murderers.  However, it also made my skin not look like I’d spent the entire day dehydrated at Javits.

A sheet mask, some hair taming things, nail polish, and lipstick.
A sheet mask, some hair taming things, nail polish, and lipstick.

And now, at last, it is time for bed!

9 thoughts on “#BEA15 Day 2, or “My feet hurt… Treat Yo Self!”

  1. That sounds like such a blast!!! Tell me something though. When you say there are only 100 books available, you don’t get them for free do you? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t, but I was kind of curious as to why there was a limit. Your pile of new books is so beautiful. I wish I didn’t live so far away from that event.

    1. You do get the for free, but publishers only have so many advance copies available. BEA is the first big marketing push for a lot of new titles, so getting them in the hands of booksellers/librarians/bloggers helps spread the word about them and generate positive buzz.

      1. OMG!!! Free books?!?! Can anyone go to this event? I’ve never been to New York City before. Maybe I’ll have to think about going next year because it sounds awesome.

      2. Hey Grace :). I was wondering if you could do me a favour sometime when you have a chance. My friend and I are kind of tossing around the idea of heading down for BEA next year in Chicago. Could you possibly send me an email telling me basically how the expo works? You know, how much does it cost, do you buy a ticket for each day or a pass for the 3 days, how you get tickets/passes to see specific authors, and any other important things to know. We just want to get a better idea of what the whole experience is like and how much planning you should do ahead of time. There’s no rush obviously because it’s now a year away, but if you could send me some info I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

        1. Sure! I’ll send it soon, and sorry I didn’t respond sooner–pretty much got home from Book Expo to jump on a plane for a work trip, so it’s been a chaotic week. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! And there’s one more post with books to come. I’m on a work trip this week and am very sad that my new shiny books are at home and I’m not, lol. 😉

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