One Hell of a Book Sale

…in the best way possible, of course.  Last week was the semi-annual Arlington Friends of the Library book sale.  I decided to join the Friends of the Library in order to attend early access night, and due to an unforseen internet outage at work, I was able to be there right when the book sale opened.

This was the line 15 minutes before opening.  See how it snakes around two levels of the parking garage?
This was the line 15 minutes before opening. See how it snakes around two levels of the parking garage?

I didn’t expect there to be a line when I got there 15 minutes early.  In fact, I didn’t expect to see many people at all, but apparently used book sales are serious business.  Many of the people in line are resellers, and came with tons and tons of boxes to carry off bargains.  Others, like me, were just very enthusiastic about books.

I might have gotten a bit carried away...
I might have gotten a bit carried away…

Of course, it took some effort to get to the tables of books, and if you saw something you wanted but didn’t grab it quickly, somebody else would.  Just to give you an idea of how crazy it was, the graphic novel section went from 3 tables to 3 small boxes in the span of less than 10 minutes.  My strategy was to grab everything that I thought I might want, then to go into a corner and sort through to narrow down my pile once I’d already been through the graphic novel, SF/F, and YA sections.  I did end up putting a lot back, but you probably can’t tell based on my rather large book haul.  😉

For around $20, I was able to buy some trade comics for Mike, as well as all of the books in the above photo.  Some highlights:

  • Exquisite Captive, a new YA novel about a jinni that Amazon has been recommending to me for months based on my reading history.  I started reading it last night and am intrigued thus far.
  • Two YA hardcovers, Bad Luck Girl and Echoes of Us, each of which is Book 3 in a series where I’ve only read book 1.  Now I just have to acquire the Book 2s!
  • Some Anne McCaffrey novels that I didn’t own yet
  • The Windup Girl, which I’d been eyeing at Barnes & Noble but hadn’t bought because I felt bad spending more money on books when I had so many treasures at home that I hadn’t read yet.
  • The first book in Naomi Novik’s series.  I heard her do a reading from it at the New York Public Library when I was at the 2012 Book Expo, and have been meaning to start reading the series.
  • Emperor of Thorns, because I know once I finish King of Thorns that I won’t want to stop reading about Jorg’s adventures
  • The Princess Bride, because I am ashamed to say that I’ve only seen the movie and never read the book

I might have gotten a wee bit carried away.  Come to me, my preciousssssssssssssses!

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