March 2015: A Month in Review

Month in Review 2


My month-in-review posts have been following a distinctive pattern lately, in which I post the books that I’ve read and lament the fact that I didn’t write more posts or reviews, followed by an “I’ll do better next month” statement.  C’est la vie.

April reading plans:

[insert “I will read more books and not fall behind on reviews” statement here]

The Once Upon a Time challenge kicked off a few days ago, which means that for the next couple months, I’ll be focusing on fantasy, folklore, and angry fae.

Other things that have happened in March:

  • I visited the West Coast for the first time (it was for work, but it still counts).  Seattle has amazing used bookstores, to the point that I seriously contemplated leaving my clothing there and stuffing my bag with books instead.  Or, you know, just not coming back.  Oh, and there’s a little udon noodle soup place near the University of Washington that’s quite tasty.  DC needs restaurants that specialize in udon.
  • I’m doing this thing called having-hobbies-that-aren’t-just-reading-and-blogging.  Not because I am tired of reading/blogging, but because there are a lot of things I used to enjoy that I stopped doing when I moved to the DC area.  So, singing lessons and embroidery are a thing again.
    • Side note:  Speaking of embroidery, why is it that strong female fantasy and historical fiction characters are always so inept at it?  I get that it’s an “I don’t fit in with my peers” kind of thing, but it’s a rather lazy trope to rely on.  You can be badass and still competent with a needle.
  • My parents came to visit me!  The last time my parents both came down to visit was about five years ago, so it was exciting to be able to show them around and play tourist for a couple days.

4 thoughts on “March 2015: A Month in Review

  1. “Side note: Speaking of embroidery, why is it that strong female fantasy and historical fiction characters are always so inept at it?”

    Heh. It’s as though embroidery is something only the Sansa Stark girlygirls do. One reason I had Yerena enjoy it, just as she likes sewing her own clothes and riding into battle on a great white shark.

    1. Mhm. I get so caught up in work/friends/blog, and I’m finally trying to set aside me time too. 🙂

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