January 2015: A Month in Review

Month in Review 2

During January, I read and reviewed the following books:

January was a busy month, and February is about to become even busier.  My reviews in the coming month might be a bit more spread out than usual, because I’m going to be having a couple friends visit from out of town, and I’ll be spending more time visiting and less time reading and writing new blog posts.  It’s exciting to have the opportunity to connect with people whom I don’t have the opportunity to see very often.  That being said, I’m going to start off the month with a couple mini-reviews of books that I read before the holidays and haven’t written about yet.  They’re not quite as fresh in my mind still as I’d like them to be, but they were good books and I’d still like to share some of my impressions about them.  I’ve also got a couple vintage sci-fi novels coming up (I got behind on Vintage Sci-Fi Month, but that’s okay, because vintage sci-fi novels are great fun all year long).

I’m also focusing more on my TBR pile rather than on new books for at least the first part of this year.  I’ve got a significant number of books from Book Expo/review copies/gifts/purchases, so I’m shying away from doing tours and bringing in more (physical) review copies for a bit so I can focus on some of the books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages.  I want to bring back that feeling of spontaneously discovering books based on what kind of mood I’m in, and overscheduling myself makes that so much harder.

How was January for you?  Have you discovered any fun new books?  What are your upcoming reading plans?

10 thoughts on “January 2015: A Month in Review

  1. If you like creepy, try The Damned by Andrew Pyper which technically comes out on February 10th, but the store sent me my copy early. I would have read it in one sitting if possible, but unfortunately reading relaxes me so much that I always fall asleep, even in a scary book LOL. However, I did read it in about 3 sittings, and it was fabulous! I love his writing.

  2. I read “The Mirror Empire” by Kameron Hurley. Magnificent worldbuilding – I love how everything was so different from the start, with the people living in cocoons, the everpine swords, riding bears, the way the satellites influenced who was most powerful. But I didn’t quite connect with the characters except for Lilia, and Zezili + Anavha made for uncomfortable reading. The book was still well worth reading, though.

    I also read most of Courtney Milan’s historical romances in January, and they were a treat. She pushes the envelope in terms of diverse characters and women involved in science/politics, and she turns romance tropes on their head. More than once, I came across a character or situation that seemed like something I’d read in a hundred other romances and I thought, “Here we go again”, only to discover that no, things were not quite so predictable as that. So it was a very productive month for reads.

    1. I thought that “The Mirror Empire” was particularly neat because you can’t use your own worldview as a default. It just doesn’t work. A lot of the time when I read SF/F, the worlds feel similar to our own, but this one felt truly alien. I agree that it was hard to connect with many of the characters, but for me the worldbuilding made up for it.

      I haven’t read Courtney Milan before. She sounds interesting. I’m super picky about romance, so I am definitely intrigued.

      1. Another thing I liked about Milan’s books is that she has quite a few novellas. When I felt like reading but didn’t have much time, they were ideal. I recommend “The Governess Affair”, which is a great lead-in to her historical series. It’s one of those stories where the hero and heroine, both genuinely good-hearted people, are forced to work against each other at the start. So there’s a delightful battle of wits and resources that brings out the best in each of them. They start falling in love, and of course, once they’re both on the same side, they’re even more fun to read about.

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