My #hiptastic new glasses

Glasses are important for librarians and Grim Reapers alike…

Tools of the Trade.
Tools of the Trade.

In fact, putting on new glasses can make you feel like you’ve taken on a new identity.


I recently had my biennial eye appointment, and since I’m a librarian, I decided I could get away with some hiptastic ridiculous glasses.  I shall conform to all the librarian glasses stereotypes!  Muahahahaha!


6 thoughts on “My #hiptastic new glasses

    1. Thanks! Even though I know it’s not the sort of profession that will never make me rich, I’m glad every day that I chose it. 🙂

  1. As a fellow librarian I share your feelings about glasses. I need to get new ones as well — i hope they will be as hiptastic as yours! L.

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