Kickstarter: The 11th Hour by Timothy Lyon Jr.

The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour by Timothy Lyon Jr.

The 11th HourWilliam Bryant is an Uppercity citizen who, just like everyone else, is perfect in every way. Day in and day out he continues life like so many others. However, a natural curiosity was born out of the staleness of perfection and now takes over William’s better judgment from time to time. After encountering the so-called “imperfect” from the Undercity, he sneaks his way down below Axiom’s Uppercity, a world his has never known. He discovers not a city that people claim to be hideous, rancid, and imperfect, but a one that is perfect and beautiful in its own way. A city perfect by being imperfect. Immediately, William is caught between the Sentinels of High Authority, the police force of Axiom, and the 11th Hour, a group of people fighting for their lives for possessing the power of energy manipulation. These two groups are in a constant war that holds more secrets than it does answers. William must fight to retain what is left of his old life as his friends and family crumble around his choices. Choices he makes while trying to survive his new life of violence and the unknown. This tale of a man’s metamorphosis in a fresh new sci-fi classic will determine whether the imperfect 11th Hour survives or that the perfect will continue to shine on the world in its false portrayal.

Several months ago, my sister mentioned to me that one of her friends from art school was working on a graphic novel.  Even though I don’t read a lot of graphic novels, I was intrigued by the premise of the story.  I love the idea of a hero who realizes that there’s beauty in life even outside of perfection.  I’ve read over the script and am looking forward to seeing the story and the art come together.

Now that the Kickstarter for The 11th Hour is live, I thought I’d share it with all of you.

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