Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month


This summer, Angry Robot’s young adult imprint Strange Chemistry and mystery imprint Exhibit A abruptly shut down.  Strange Chemistry was my favorite YA imprint, and it was a place that I could go to look for quality young adult sci-fi and fantasy that featured grand adventures rather than tired love triangles.  I’m very sad about Strange Chemistry’s loss, and many other bloggers feel the same.  [Note: I don’t really read many mystery/crime novels, so I don’t know enough about Exhibit A to do more than just mention them.]

Little Lion Lynette’s is hosting a Strange Chemistry & Exhibit A Reading Month this August to help support the authors and get some buzz out about their work during this difficult time.  If you like Strange Chemistry’s books (or are willing to give them a try), I’d highly encourage you to sign up as well.

My goal is to read one book from Strange Chemistry’s lineup.  I’m thinking of one of the following:

If you’ve read any of these, which would you recommend?

For anyone else considering participating in the Strange Chemistry Reading Month who is looking for ideas, here are the Strange Chemistry books that I’ve read and reviewed over the past couple years:

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