On Why I Don’t Support Book Buying Bans

I was reading an article over on Book Riot a few days ago about one columnist’s unsuccessful book buying ban.  As a book addict, the article made me think about my own book buying habits.

Even though I have an overflowing TBR pile, I refuse to go on a book buying ban.

As a book blogger, many if not most of the books that I read come from other channels.  That’s a good thing, because if I spent all my money on books, I’d be living in a fort constructed entirely of books instead of in my air-conditioned apartment–and DC summers can be brutal.

That being said, I want to support the authors, publishers, and bookstores that I love so that they’ll continue to be around for posterity.  I know that one person buying a book doesn’t make that much of a difference, but when lots of people buy books, it keeps people in business.  I miss Borders, and am still mourning the loss of Angry Robot’s Strange Chemistry imprint.

Moral of the story:  If you love books, buy them on occasion.  You don’t have to increase your TBR pile exponentially, but a new book every couple months could make a big difference, especially for independent bookstores and small presses.

8 thoughts on “On Why I Don’t Support Book Buying Bans

  1. I completely agree with buying books every so often. I do sometimes stop myself buying too many, but if I really want a book, what is the point in not buying it?

  2. Same here! The only time I go on a book-buying ban is right around Christmas, and that’s people my bf makes me or he won’t be able to buy me any books without worrying that I’ll go and get it myself.

    I don’t mind giving my dollars to bookstores, but more importantly – I refuse to feel like buying books is something bad, something that I should feel guilty over. I love books – as long as my bills are getting paid, I’ll spend what I want on them and won’t think twice about it.

  3. Agreed.
    I think I could perhaps do with curbing my habit a bit sometimes – just purely because I have so many books – but I find it impossible to do!
    Lynn 😀

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