BEA Day 3: In Which I Rant About a Poorly Planned BookCon

pie face

Day 3 of BEA was a huge disappointment.  When I went to Book Expo two years ago, it was the first year that they had a “Power Reader Day” in which members of the general public could come to the show.  Well folks, it’s morphed into the monstrosity known as BookCon.  I like the *idea* of BookCon, but was less than impressed with its execution.  Basically they cordoned off the smaller of the two giant rooms in the exhibit hall to be the BookCon room, and they sold so many tickets that there wasn’t walking space, just hordes and hordes of people and children packed too densely for anyone to have a good time.  There was a signing I wanted to go to during the afternoon, but I just couldn’t take the crowds, so I said fuck it and went to go eat pie. Luckily, the pie was so delicious that it made me forget about the disappointing morning and replaced all memory of it with the taste of heaven on earth.

pie face
The best pie that I have had in my life. Sweet and savory and flaky deliciousness!

After I finished my pie, I came back to the hotel and took a much-needed nap. Yeah yeah yeah, I know I’m in NYC and there’s so much to see and do, but I needed to sleep and I figured that for as much as I’m paying to stay in Manhattan, it would be wasteful *not* to sleep in the bed if I felt like it.

Over the next few days, I will start posting updates about the books that I picked up on my trip. Since I know that it’ll take me a while to get to all of them, I want to post a bit more in-depth about each than I normally do in my ‘new books’ type posts. I’m thinking something sort of in the style of the Fantasy Book Cafe’s Leaning Tower of Books feature.  Or maybe not, considering the number of books.  It’ll be a surprise!  Even I don’t know what style I’ll post in!

4 thoughts on “BEA Day 3: In Which I Rant About a Poorly Planned BookCon

  1. The crowd at BookCon was crazy and the amount of space allotted was way too small. I went to Power Reader Day last year and it wasn’t as bad as this year. Very happy that I was able to go into the BEA portion because BookCon was insane.

    1. There’s a point that crowds are inspiring, and there’s a point that they give me social anxiety and make me want to be far far away. This was most definitely the latter. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the whole space would have been allotted for BookCon, or even if the rooms had been switched. It was just too many people in a room that wasn’t that big. I’ve been to other large conventions before (ie. AwesomeCon in DC) that had as many people, but were laid out better and had the capacity to handle the crowd.

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