BEA Day 2: More author goodness!

Now that I’ve taken a post-BEA nap, I think I have the energy to post some of the highlights from Day 2.  Hopefully this post is a bit more coherent than Day 1.  I reread the first paragraph and thought “Oh god, I was a zombie when I wrote this.”

BEA2 003

Nancy Bilyeau writes historical mysteries set in Tudor England.  I loved her books The Chalice and The Crown, so I was delighted to get a chance to talk with her.  She was so happy to hear that people love her novels, and was kind enough to take a picture with me.

BEA2 005

Selfie with Lego Boba Fett.  ‘Nuff said.

Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow was doing a signing of a new horror anthology.  I enjoyed her Snow White, Blood Red collection and was thrilled to get a chance to meet her.

BEA2 014

And last but not least, Holly Black was doing a signing of her new book entitled The Darkest Part of the Forest.  My sister has been recommending that I read Holly Black for years now, and this picture is going to make her extremely jealous. 😉

The first day of BEA was by far the most hectic for me.  The second day was more laid back.  There were some signings that I wanted to go to as well as some galley drops, but the times were spread out and I had some time to wander, network, and discover new things.

Stay tuned for a rant about day three and for a glimpse of all the new books that I’ll be reviewing over the next few months!

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