Garth Nix

So, I had considered waiting to post this, but even though my hotel is cozy, I’ve been having difficulty sleeping since arriving at Book Expo.  By difficulty sleeping, I mean I keep dreaming that I sleep in and miss all the authors, and then I wake up and realize it’s only 4:30 am.  I still have a little bit of time before I have to get ready and head over to Javits, so here are some brief highlights of my trip thus far.  Apologies for any formatting issues in this post, I’m super tired and will fix it later.

Garth Nix

I was obsessed with Garth Nix’s Abhorsen Trilogy when I was a teenager.  If you haven’t read them, do it immediately.  They’re about an anti-necromancer who bells to make dead things stay dead.  Much to my excitement, Nix will soon release Clariel, a prequel to the series that’s set 600 years in the past.  To be fair, I’m so-so about the Divergent-esque cover, mostly because the original cover artwork for the series was so unique, but Clariel was the one must-have book of BEA.


And then there was John Scalzi, who was signing his latest book, Locked In.  I met Scalzi at BEA in 2012 and it was the highlight of my trip.  This time, I was the very first in line.  When the line-forming coordinators were like “There isn’t a Scalzi line yet, come back later,” I was like no, there is a Scalzi line, and it starts with me.  20 minutes later, the line had multiplied exponentially, and it made me glad that I got there so early.


Of course, karmic line-forming rules apply, and I found myself toward the end of the line to see Deborah Harkness.  Luckily, they didn’t run out of books, and I was able to snag a signed copy of The Book of Life, the much-anticipated conclusion to the All Souls Trilogy.  I can’t wait to read it!

7 thoughts on “BEA Day 1: Where I Meet ALL THE AUTHORS

  1. Wow, you are so lucky!! That looks like a book lovers paradise :). I can see why you were having trouble sleeping. I would have been exactly the same. Isn’t Deborah Harkness nice? And so incredibly intelligent? I met her in Toronto, and I can’t wait to read the third book, but I thought it didn’t come out until July. Did you get an advance copy?

    1. I did! They even gave us notices saying not to post anything about the content of the book until after the release date, which is interesting.

      Harkness is super nice, and very patient. It was a pleasure to meet her!

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