What I Read, According to Other People

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Over the years both friends and other bloggers have made independent observations of what I enjoy based on what they’ve seen on my blog and/or bookshelves.  These observations are strangely accurate.

All of your books have a picture of a girl’s head/neck on the front.

Not *all* of them. Just a lot. Case in point – here, here, here, here, and here.

You read a lot of books about robots eating things.

Robots are awesome, and rogue AIs make for some great storytelling.  Like here, here, and here.

You read a lot of books about sex slaves.

This one isn’t deliberate. Well, not entirely deliberate.  I don’t seek them out, it just sort of happens.  Okay fine, maybe you have a point!

What do people say about the books you read?


10 thoughts on “What I Read, According to Other People

  1. Most of the people who know me either (1) read, but only a little, and therefore think I’m obsessed, or (2) read, but read more contemporary type of novels and therefore their eyes glaze over if I say I read fantasy or sci-fi. So – mostly I think that people think I’m some sort of super geek who reads odd ‘stuff’.
    Lynn 😀

    1. I don’t read a lot of contemporary lit fic because I prefer reading about things that are outside the scope of what I can experience in my own daily life.

    1. I’ve barely read anything the past few weeks due to a lot of real life stuff popping up, but I’ve been doing a lot of fantasy recently as well. 🙂

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