“Master of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo” by Jeffe Kennedy

“Master of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo” by Jeffe KennedyMaster of the Opera Act 6: Crescendo by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Master of the Opera #6
Published: 2014 by eKensington
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Pages: 50
Format: eBook
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After much suspense, the conclusion to Jeffe Kennedy’s Master of the Opera serial is finally here!  For anyone who hasn’t been following the previous reviews, Master of the Opera is a serialized erotica novel that’s based on Phantom of the Opera.  You can see the review for Act 1 here.  This is going to be a very short review, because I don’t want to give away the ending.

Crescendo starts off with Christine trying to come up with a plan to take down the Sanclaros, especially her jerkface fiance, and free the Master, a Native America god trapped beneath the opera house.  To do that, she finally reconciles with her father, and the two of them come to a new and more grown-up understanding of each other as flawed people who are just trying to do the best that they can.

Once they put their plan in action, there are some twists, turns, and surprises.  The ending was incredibly cheesy in an oh-so-satisfying way.  I’m the sort of person that demands a happy ending when I read fluffy romance/erotica, so I was glad to see the series end the way it did.  And even though the story paralleled “Phantom of the Opera,” it wasn’t so close to the original story that every moment was predictable.  I particularly liked the subplot that ran throughout the series of Christine cutting as a kid, and then as an adult trying to reconcile what she perceived as a weakness with the strong person she’s becoming.  Seeing herself through the eyes of someone else helped her to accept what happened in the past and to learn to live with it.

This was a really fun series.  Light, sensual, and suspenseful with a taste of the supernatural, it’s helped me get through this year’s seemingly never ending winter without completely losing my mind.  I want to go outside and frolic in the sunshine already, goddammit!

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