“Master of the Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude” by Jeffe Kennedy

“Master of the Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude” by Jeffe KennedyMaster of the Opera Act 4: Dark Interlude by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Master of the Opera #4
Published: 2014 by eKensington
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 48
Format: eBook
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Jeffe Kennedy’s serial novel Master of the Opera continues in Act 4: Dark Interlude.  After making a grisly discovery at the end of Act 3, Christine tries to sort out her feelings and figure out which of her love interests is the villain.

Christine’s boyfriend Roman Sanclaro starts getting more and more extreme in his possessiveness, and shows himself to be a real asshole who doesn’t care for Christine.  After attending an event with his family, Christine goes to the library to try to learn more about them, and discovers that her family and his have a shared history, and that in the past, the Sanclaros have stopped at nothing to expand their money and influence.  If Roman and Christine were to marry, it would bring the two families together, further expanding their power.  Christine starts to realize that she doesn’t like Roman, but he starts getting scary when she tries to break it off with him.

Meanwhile, shit starts getting supernatural.  Christine has a vision about a bear spirit who seems to also be the Master.  The Master has already pointed out that he’s not of this world and that he’s bound by different rules, but Christine must give herself over to him in order to find out.  Now it’s up to her to decide whether to trust her instincts and take the plunge.

As I mentioned in my review of Act 3, I enjoy the way that Kennedy explores the idea of power and violence and the difference between a consensual loss of control and emotional abuse.  We see Christine’s relationship with the Master and the way that there’s a level of trust between the two of them that neither party will break, even though chains/blindfolds/etc. are involved.  Then as a contrast we see Roman, who is outwardly chivalrous.  He buys Christine dinners and doesn’t try to sleep with her and seems like the perfect gentleman, but then is threatening and emotionally abusive every time she tries to leave, even if it’s just to go hang out with a friend.

I’m loving this serial so far.  It makes me happy.  The story sucks me in and has just the right blend of plot, magic, and sensuality.  Time for me to stop writing and start reading Act 5!

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