“Master of the Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade” by Jeffe Kennedy

“Master of the Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade” by Jeffe KennedyMaster of the Opera Act 3: Phantom Serenade by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Master of the Opera #3
Published: 2014 by eKensington
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 52
Format: eBook
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In this third installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s serialized novel Master of the Opera, Christine decides to give in to her desires and comes willingly to surrender herself to the masked man who dwells below the theater.  However, she’s got a love triangle dilemma, because she’s still going out with Roman, whom she’s had a crush on since childhood.

I like seeing the difference between Roman and the Master, because I think it highlights the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.  The Master is possessive of Christine, but not without first asking her consent.  There’s a level of respect for her as a person that’s just not there with Roman, who treats her almost as an accessory.  He buys her nice things, but he’s also controlling, and not in a sexy kind of way.  He wants to know where she is at any given moment and assumes that she wants the same thing out of the relationship as he does.  It’s like he’s trying to groom her to be his trophy wife while ignoring the fact that Christine is an independent woman who likes to do things for herself.

And yet, even as we see this difference, we’re not sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.  Bad things have happened to people beneath the opera house, and even though the Master claims that it wasn’t him that did it, there’s no other indication of whom it might be.  There are some parallels to Phantom of the Opera, but I’m not sure to what extent Roman is supposed to be Raoul and to what extent the Master is Erik.  I’m curious to see whether they will stick to the same roles as in the original story, or whether Kennedy will take it in a different direction entirely.

Onward to Act 4…

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