“Master of the Opera Act 2: Ghost Aria” by Jeffe Kennedy

“Master of the Opera Act 2: Ghost Aria” by Jeffe KennedyMaster of the Opera Act 2: Ghost Aria by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Master of the Opera #2
Published: 2014 by eKensington
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 49
Format: eBook
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In this second installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s serialized erotic romance Master of the Opera, Christine is settling into her new life in Santa Fe.  The police have found the body of Christine’s predecessor, but Christine is determined not to lose her nerve, because she wants to build her own career instead of relying on her family’s connections.  The opera house ramps up security, but she still finds herself alone in the labyrinth under the building, where she discovers that her masked mystery man is indeed flesh and blood.

Christine’s determination to build a future based on her own merits rather than taking the easy path is something that I can respect.  She doesn’t act like a spoiled rich kid, but instead is hardworking and stubborn.  And yeah, she’s got a bit of Christine’s personality from Phantom, but she’s got a lot more going for her.  One of the things that I love about Jeffe Kennedy’s protagonists is that even though they tend to be submissive in the bedroom, they’re strong and independent women who take control of their own lives.  They just happen to accept that their sexuality is a part of their life too.

I’m liking the whole serialized novel thing.  Each section is short and sweet but leaves me wanting more, which is perfect for nights when I’m feeling tired and stressed and don’t really feel like reading something more involved.  I love seeing familiar tales reinterpreted by modern authors, and “Phantom” is no exception.

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