“Master of the Opera Act 1: Passionate Overture” by Jeffe Kennedy

“Master of the Opera Act 1: Passionate Overture” by Jeffe KennedyMaster of the Opera Act 1: Passionate Overture by Jeffe Kennedy
Series: Master of the Opera #1
Published: 2014 by eKensington
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 52
Format: eBook
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One of the benefits of e-books is the ability to experiment with different styles and lengths of fiction than would be possible in traditional publishing.

In the vein of my resolution to read whatever I want to read whenever I want to read it, I decided to try the serialized novel Master of the Opera by Jeffe Kennedy.  I’ve heard of serialized fantasy and sci-fi before, but never serialized romance.  Pair that with the fact that the story parallels “Phantom of the Opera,” and I couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

Master of the Opera is erotic romance, but the first installment is relatively tame and is used mostly for setting the scene.  Christine has just landed a coveted internship at the Santa Fe Opera House.  Her family is wealthy and connected, but Christine is trying to build a career based on her own merits.  One of her first tasks on the job is to help with an inventory, which is easier said than done, especially as the storerooms extend through a labyrinth of passages beneath the opera house.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that Christine’s predecessor disappeared.  People don’t want to say she was murdered, but nobody knows what happened to her.  So, when Christine starts hearing music in the storerooms, she gets a bit alarmed.  Then she meets a mysterious masked stranger, and he seems dangerous in a holy-shit-there’s-a-ghost kind of way.  At first, she thinks she’s crazy.  And now she can’t stop thinking about him.


Each installment in the series is only about 50 pages.  This one was quick enough to make a nice bedtime story.  I love the tie-in to Phantom of the Opera, and I’m curious to see what direction that Jeffe Kennedy is gonna take this in.

I won’t say that this was 100% perfect.  There was one scene in particular that I felt was a bit contrived in which Christine sees a strange symbol on a door and starts having fantasies because of it.  Of course, I’m sitting here wondering what was behind that door, so there’s that.  I’ve also got the “Phantom of the Opera” music stuck in my head.

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