The Kingdom of the Gods Readalong, Week 5

The Kingdom of the Gods

The Kingdom of the Gods

Hi everyone, and welcome to the final week discussing N.K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of the Gods.  It’s been a wild ride, and it’s been great seeing everyone’s reactions to the book.  Thank you all for sticking around for all three books.

The following questions and discussions will contain major SPOILERS.  We’ll be discussing the end of the book, so if you haven’t read it yet, you might want to stop reading here.  I’ll be posting a spoiler-free review of the entire book in a couple days.

How do you feel about they way the relationship between Sieh, Deka and Shahar developed? How might this affect them as the Three of a new realm?

Sieh, Deka, and Shahar each had issues, but Sieh seemed to have learned from the Enefa/Naha/Tempa shitshow and is committed to making sure that this three stays together.  All three love each other, and care about each others’ feelings in a very deep sense.  One thing that stuck with me was that after Shahar’s outburst, she and Deka had an unspoken reconciliation, which allowed them each to keep their pride.  That’s important.

The series as a whole and this novel in particular is full of parents, and child-parent relationships often play major roles in the plot and characterisation. Is there anything that stood out for you? Any other thoughts on the theme?

When people cause drama in their relationships and allow their pride to keep them from reconciling when they’ve screwed up, bad shit happens.  The entire world was shaped by relationships that have gotten out of hand, and each of the characters has had to learn to live and move on.  It’s a universal theme that doesn’t just apply in Jemisin’s world, but also in our own.

Can you sympathise at all with Kahl’s desire for revenge or was it just too insane?

If I spent thousands of years locked away by myself in another plane of existence, I’d be pissed off too, especially if I then found out that my parents had kept the entire world hidden from me while showering my half-siblings with favors.  And if all this happened without it being explained to me, I’d feel hurt, confused, and angry.  What was done to Kahl wasn’t right.  I don’t agree with his actions, but I can understand them.

“Nature is cycles, patterns, repetition.” What do you think of the way this idea plays into the plot and worldbuilding?

I loved the cyclical nature of how the world changes and develops, especially with the symbolism of the Three and the way that their actions shape the world.  I enjoyed seeing the fact that the world order isn’t static and that people can change, develop, live, love, die…  It’s a cycle, and everyone has a place.

Are you satisfied with the way everything turned out?

Yes.  So, I was sitting on my bed reading and sobbing when I thought that Shahar would spend forever alone because of Sieh’s final glorious trick, and that she’d always be haunted by the knowledge of what could have been.  I was sad that Sieh and Deka gave up their lives, but saw the necessity and beauty of their sacrifice.  Seeing them become gods of their own universe made me so happy, and seeing the scale of creation and the fact that the gods are just a small part of a much wider multiverse was an interesting way of looking at the world.

Now that we’ve finished the series, what do you think of it as a whole? How does The Kingdom of Gods compare to the first two books?

This was an amazing series, and I enjoyed it tremendously, especially since I had the chance to read it with all of you.  The Kingdom of the Gods was my favorite book in the series, and I thought it did a great job of tying together the characters and themes from the first book while creating something entirely different than I would have expected.  It’s brilliant.

Thanks again everyone for being part of the readalong!

5 thoughts on “The Kingdom of the Gods Readalong, Week 5

  1. 6. I feel the opposite way – this was my least favourite of the series. I like that everything was was tied up regarding the power of the Arameri and Itempas’s punishment, but it also felt like there was just too much going on – a bit chaotic. All the happy endings made me happy, but there were lots of things that bugged me about those endings too.

  2. I like your comment about owning up to mistakes, reconciliation,and moving on. It is important to have closure to shit and sometimes each of us has to be that one to own up and bring closure to a situation. I think Sieh finally learned this in Book 3.

    I feel the same way about Sieh’s final trick. There was definitely some sniffling coming from my side of the bed as I finished the book last night.

  3. I was so distracted by sadness over Sieh and Deka’s deaths that it was really hard to focus on the rest of Shahar’s life! I’m very glad that his sacrifice was actually his last step in growing up, and not his last act ever.

    1. I felt bad for Shahar because everyone she truly loved just died and now she has to pick up the pieces. Sieh and Deka almost had it easier there.

      And yeah, I’m glad that Sieh wasn’t gone for good. It would have been so tragic. Seeing his metamorphosis makes me wonder how some of the others might change one day, especially Lil.

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